TheBubbleClub: the new, modern, standard for event-organization.

Have you ever been to one of those beautiful and stylish clubs around the world? Super entertainment, superb sound, high quality service, stylish staff and marvellous decor?
Offering you the ambiance of the great clubs around the world, at a location of your choice, The BubbleClub offers a ready-to-go package for a fixed price, which only few can deliver!

Providing fixed packages, designed for you to breathe in the atmosphere of the metropolitan cities they were modelled on, enables us to provide a very high  quality standard for events - starting from only 200 pax (persons).

What do you need to have a good event nowadays?? Good, healthy and exciting food, some cool drinks, good  music, tasteful decoration, great furniture and you of course! Now you can have all of this in one event where everything is at its best!

Choose your Location, BubbleClub and what districts you might want to add and your event is ready to start!

No hassle with extra costs afterwards or huge management fees!

Startingrate as from 129,95 per person (based upon 200 people). More people? Call us for your special price!

Welcome to TheBubbleClub

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As societies are changing, people unite with one another, but want to remain diverse and unique. The same goes for companies and their events.
They all want to be unique, but need to work together to share ideas.

The event market these days sells so called tailor-made events, which have many different options to choose from. The consequence of this tailor-made work method is that 60% of the costs go into the preparation and labour prior to the event, rather than the event itself. This results in an unnecessary high price for a complete event.

A few entrepreneurs sat down at the end of 2010 and started gathering the best of the best in their years of experience. They started a club of visionary entrepreneurs who wanted to create one common thing: Creating the best events co-operatively rather than individually, providing the best in the business at an affordable price. Together we can manage, help, discuss and translate thoughts to real ideas and leave failure behind! All enhanced by a lot of experience in nightlife and b2b event industries.

We created a project with basic building blocks to combine all of the greatest thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

This resulted in : TheBubbleClub and its virtual clubs around the world were born.

All key-suppliers and owners are renowned for their part in the industry and all have an acclaimed level of experience. Only the best of the best participate in TheBubbleClub.

The Clubs

TheBubbleClub has "clubs" in different locations around the planet to choose from.

These clubs have all the basic ingredients for your event.

You can expand your basic club with our districts and your special requests to have a complete event in one of these styles:

– TheBubbleClub NYC
– TheBubbleClub Barcelona
– TheBubbleClub Hong Kong
– TheBubbleClub St Tropez
– TheBubbleClub Mumbai

All of these Clubs have their own special style and ingredients.

(Or one of the above in a completely “green” solution with the power of Real leaf for an additional cost of 15 %.)

See our folder as well!


TheBubbleClub is accessible by invitation only! The invitations will be sent to you based on your city and location of choice. Watch your mailbox! 


We have made a list of preferred locations where we can host TheBubbleClub at a reduced price.

Other locations can be booked upon request and are excluded of modification costs to host TheBubbleClub.

We can host TheBubbleClub as from 200 until approximately 2000 PAX.

Sound & Light

As we have clubs all over the world, we also have the knowledge of worldwide standards of quality.
All clubs are equipped with the latest inventions and technology. We serve you the best of the best.
For Sound & Light we collaborate with one of the most attractive in its field: Vision Acoustics.

They will make all clubs stand out above the rest! This is an experience you will never forget.


We want to make it as easy as possible, we calculated what you need for a basic event for 200 guests. This is our basic price per person. Do you have more guests? No problem, but it will be cheaper of course! Our prices are degressive: More guests means less money per person!
Let us make a free quotation for your event tot see what it will save you!

Check out the different clubs for their respective prices.

For the districts we have selected unique and one of a kind suppliers.

To be member of TheBubbleClub, you have to be a premier event supplier and make something which is only available at TheBubbleClub for a special BubbleClub price. 

Please contact us for more information.
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