The Districts

All cities have their districts. In these districts you can find add-ons for your city to make the club even more complete. From photographers to live painters and from LED-floors to Extra Bubbles, here you find what we can deliver you as an extra service. Prices are dependent on the quantity of guests.

Contact us for more details and prices as they are dependent on the amount of guest you want to bring with you.


We've found some special entertainment appropriate to our BubbleClubs. You can add these to the city of your choice and your night will be even more complete!Diamond PartyRamana (the Next Uri Gellar)

Premium Artists

Do you want to expand your club with the best Dutch artists around? We can add superstar artists like Do, Candy Dulfer, Hans Dulfer, Alain Clark or Berget Lewis to your club of choice. As these artists do not perform exclusively for TheBubbleClub, they have to be requested and their availability is not guaranteed. 

Premium DJ's

Not all DJ’s are suitable for all types of BubbleClub, which is why we have a selection of "Premium" DJ's to fit the bigger picture and serve all of our clubs:HardSoul Live!Erick ERoogDennis van der GeestEric EntrenaMilo Moreas

Premium Bands

As we understand music and building clubs, we are aware that some organisations do want thebubbleclub, but want to have less edgy music, with the same quality. We found some bands to make that feeling come true!Network (Coverband)

Extra equipment

Here you can find elements  to add to your event to emphesize the effect or just to be complete to your guests.WardrobeLED DancefloorPixel LED DancefloorVideo, Projection and Motionillumyloon


All our clubs provide water, orange juice, draft beer, sodas, white and red wines standard. But there may always be something you want to drink which is not standard in our clubs. Choose your extra packages and enjoy the night!
Something more strong? Upgrade!Astoria 9.5 Coldwine UpgradeZarb Champagne UpgradeL'exeption Lenselink Wine UpgradeFresh made Scroppino! By Scroppino barChampagne Experience ClinicChampagne Experience Tasting

Fabulous Cocktail Bar

Enjoy TheBubbleClub with the famous cocktails of The Fabulous Shaker Boys. Serving from behind beautifully designed bars our team of talented bartenders will spoil your guests with beautiful and delicious cocktails, ranging from the infamous classics, to the latest trendy cocktails. Every BubbleClub will have it's own set of 4 cocktails to choose from.

The Fabulous Shaker Boys is the leading company for cocktail catering and was the first to start shaking cocktails on a professional basis in Holland back in 2002. The Fabulous Shaker Boys have a lot of experience with catering cocktails on location during events. They proved to be the cocktail authority in the Netherlands. Annually they cater cocktails at approximately 400 events in The Netherlands and abroad. Quality, service, creativity and bar etiquette are very important to The Fabulous Shaker Boys. To create the best and most beautiful cocktails we only use high quality products. The combination of the professionalism of our bartenders, our stylish bars and our cocktails adds an extra dimension to every event. The Fabulous Shaker Boys supports The Bubble Club concept with a unique cocktail bar for every club including a great cocktail menu with delicious cocktails! Looking forward to a fabulous cocktail by The Fabulous Shaker Boys in the Bubble Club? Book this district as a great extra in the Bubble Club concept!

Powered by The Fabulous Shaker BoysNew YorkBarcelonaHong KongSt TropezMumbai

Coffee By Leopold Coffee

Leopold School of Coffee makes a true barista coffee artist out of any coffeelover.
At the bubbleClubnight you will be taken on a tour through the everchanging world of the trendy urban coffee lifestyle. Hop on and enjoy the ride!

Powered by Leopold Coffee schoolLeopold's New YorkLeopold's BarcelonaLeopold's Hong KongLeopold's St. TropezLeopold's Mumbai


Next to the superb fine cuisine our cooks already serve, we've got some nice add-ons we didn't want you to miss!MidnightsnackIce FondueZilt en Zalig oestersEurope's Largest Fruit de Mer Tower


Our photography is produced by Image Rebels, known from Amsterdam to Ibiza for their edgy photographic style: ‘Their images make an imaginary world a real one’.  ‘Image Rebels’ represents quality as a high standard in cases where photography is reflected on people in all kinds of environments. ‘Image Rebels’ give you priceless memories and, with this, support the timeless afterglow of unforgettable moments.
From ‘Overall Impressions’ to ‘Direct Prints’ (in combination with ‘Green screen Photography’) ‘Image Rebels’ can do it all for you in cases where perfect pictures are requested. We call it ‘Taking pictures in a way photography is meant to be’, performed with passion and with our matchless eye for details. ‘Our images make an imaginary world a real one’.


Video Reportage

Kemmer Media Group specializes in live event registrations. As our unique and main ingredients to our videos, we use a natural atmosphere, perception and emotion to capture your event in authentic live footage. During your event we will produce the registration "on the fly" to capture the big event and create a perfect video that let's you share your memory with friends, family, colleague's or business associates.

Any special requests regarding video registration don't hesitate to ask.
We are more then willing to look at the available options within your video needs.

Powered by Kemmer MediaPost Event Movie

Digital Artwork

Apart from the digital flyer to invite your guests to your BubbleClub you may add some extra features.TheBubbleClub Event PortalVJ's Show

Unlimited Show FX

Unlimited FX is an international full service Rental & Production company with an expertise in Special Effects for the entertainment industry. The company is active within the field of pyrotechnics, Co2, confetti, water, laser but also in the development and production of custom made effects for events and artists. 
Unlimited FX strives to provide a new exceptionally high quality standard within the special effects industry.

This challange,  long relation and extensive experience makes unlimited FX the effect partner for TheBubbleClub!

Unlimited Show FX Set GoldUnlimited Show FX Set DiamondUnlimited Show FX Set Platinum
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