St. Tropez

Jet sets, mansions, bungalows, yachts with choppers, beautiful people, superb food and exclusive cars. Enter the world of the elite. That’s what St Tropez is about! This part of the French coast has been the world’s most renowned place, where people have been living in pure wealth, glitter and glamour for centuries. We've placed our most exclusive club at the famous St. Tropez harbour with its romantic boulevard. You don’t get in if you’re not invited! Feel like a millionaire!

Price: €229.95 per person (based upon 200 persons, ex. tax)

Sounds & Entertainment

Your event will be supported by our St. Tropez residents who will provide you with pure glitter, glamour and  exotic music. The residents have captured design, grandeur, wealth and pure golden happiness in their look, feel, performance and sound. Stature, celebrity status, quality and the best of the best is only good enough for St Tropez. It is a good thing TheBubbleClub can serve you with the best of the best DJ's.

Our residents to choose from to host your St. Tropez club are our famous DJ Glamour Boy or witness the energy from our Brothers in the Booth!
As a special treat you can choose a special DJ accompanied by Mr. Sax Symbol and Miss Bunty.... Or we can bring you the Future Groove Express to soothe your soul! The right St.Tropez experience is in your hands! To make the night complete, we have our BubbleClub Special Act to entertain you!

Powered by Vision AcousticsResident All-round DJ: Glamour BoyResident Club DJ's: Brothers in the boothSpecial DJ: Brian SSpecial DJ: Eno-CSpecial DJ: Greg van Bueren(Hardsoul)Band: Future Groove Express (small formation)Singer: Miss BuntySaxophone: Sax Symbol


Kitchen Deluxe will serve our special guests with the good things in life! Think of Fruits De Mer, Caviar and other superb Mediterranean specialities and let your senses be treated in a way only Kitchen Deluxe can do. Live cooking will be part of the show. Kitchen Deluxe will create a dinner concept based on your event, location and total concept with the best ingredients befitting the atmosphere.St Tropez by Kitchen Deluxe

Beverages All Inclusive

As with every event, everybody needs a good drink. And guess what? All drinks are included!

We delever in all our cities:

- draft Heineken or Jupiler  beer
- Culemborg Chenin Blanc 2011
- Culemborg Blanc de Noir 2011
- Wodka / Rum / Gin / Whiskey
- All regular soda's
- Normal and Sparkling water
- Orange Juice

Do you want extra's on the drinkmenu? See our districts for all upgrade options.


We have pre-selected our personnel just for this club, to make your stay as comfortable as it gets and earn your confidence. Our personnel styled by our designers, are capable of serving at the highest level required for TheBubbleClub St. Tropez. The standard in the finest and most exquisite harbor of France is reserved and loyal.

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St. Tropez is a small village on the French Riviera and has both classic and modern state of the art architecture. We decorate your event in a state of the art atmosphere, with eye-catchers, lounge areas, dining couches and cool accessories. DCRT will change your location to the requirements it needs to turn it into TheBubbleClub St. Tropez.

Powered by DCRTFormatRender 1Render 2Render 3

Bubbles, Caviar and Oysters

When arriving at your event, you will always see one thing which confirms you are in TheBubbleClub: Our Bubbles Incl. Tower! This eye-catcher will be the center of your event, where the VIP Models Bubble Ladies will serve you a good glass of the award winning Astoria 9.5 Coldwine.

Next to the bubbles we serve you the finest Baeri Caviar and European Oysters

Powered by Bubbles Incl.
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