Key Partners

These are the key partners building our clubs!

Bubbles Incl.

Bubbles Incl. is the leading authority on Champagne Towers and the only Champagne Tower rental buro with fixed Champagne fixtures . They rent out exclusive Champagne Towers, made from Plexiglas with LED light for events and private parties.

Bubbles Incl. is co-owner of TheBubbleClub concept. Together with Buzz-E they founded the TwoGather group.



As an experienced tailor made event agency, Buzz-E has provided their market analyses and market view on which TheBubbleClub was based. Buzz-E was one of the start up investors for TheBubbleClub showing their trust and believe in the product and its partners. This rocking marketing focused event company is besides advisory partner also involved in production and planning.It services in all entertainment, artists and offers the possibility to expand the clubs with LED dance floors, tile and pixel. You can be sure that every party involving Buzz-E feels like tailor made and must be a kicking party. 

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DCRT is an expert in the styling of events and meetings and proud partner of TheBubbleClub. Since the start in 2005 we developed much of our own furniture and decorations. We distinguish ourselves by using exclusive materials and providing high quality and an excellent service. For TheBubbleClub we developed the styling concepts for the cities of Hong Kong and St. Tropez. We hope to see you at TheBubbleClub!



HEBO Verhuur BV – Event Flooring Solutions was founded in 1988 by Bob Jannink (still the CEO of the company).
HEBO is specialized in fitting carpets for all types of events and exhibitions.
We are proud to be one of the key-suppliers of TheBubbleClub.    


HĂ©t Hostess Bureau

The exclusive hostess service of The Netherlands.

Het Hostess Bureau is an agency which specializes in very professional and highly educated hostesses nationwide. We offer personalized service, with a very wide variety of experienced hostesses from classic to trendy, from casual to fashionable. Het Hostess Bureau is able to supply the most professional hostesses to the most luxurious events. as TheBubbleClub requires more than a standard sollution and flexibility, we are happy to be amongst the partners.



HotKitchen was founded by Caspar Burgi and Ward van der Graaf. Caspar, known for TV program Koffietijd, started cooking in Michelin star restaurants. He soon started to use more organic products and set up his own catering company and restaurant. Ward, born as a natural chef, founded his own surprising catering company which was noticeable due to its innovative concepts and distinct cuisine. The two men joined forces and continued their activities under a new name, HotKitchen.

HotKitchen surprises its customers every time with its original snacks and meals of excellent quality and often organic tint. A concept very well suited for TheBubbleClub.


Kitchen Deluxe

Where often taste, presentation, ambiance and even the design of the food are approached separately, Kitchen Deluxe combines these ingredients in its concepts. Disciplines such as design, fashion, architecture, art and even music are aspects which Kitchen Deluxe applies to its creations for a total experience, because we believe food is more than only a meal!

Kitchen Deluxe has developed a unique concept exclusively for TheBubbleClub which takes your food experience to the next level. Food design based on associative psychology. The creative chef Sander van Dam, known for his creativity as chef of the Dutch top-50 restaurant VISAANDESCHELDE, has created unique dishes for TheBubbleClub.



LoungeRent is the fastest growing player in the market for delivering stylish design furniture for the exhibitions and events market. With appealing brands such as Fatboy, Moree, Flux, Vondom en LĂĽmmel it provides a complete range of designer furniture. Not in just a few colors like other vendors, but in dozens of colors that can  easily be made to match the specific branding of the customer.

LoungeRent offers excellent young and maintained products from its own stock. Quality in product and delivery, combined with good customer care and fast service are typical of LoungeRent.


Van Der Kroft

Van der Kroft's Party Rental specializes in event rental of table-top materials, professional kitchen appliances and a variety of furniture. We are key partner and supplier for all TheBubbleClub concepts.  We believe quality and customer intimacy to be most important in our service delivery and the success of our customers' events.
For TheBubbleClub Van der Kroft's Party Rental will be your partner in the delivery of all materials to present and prepare all food and beverage concepts. We look forward to help create your fun and success, Willem van Essen. "


Van Der Maarel Sfeermeesters

Van der Maarel Sfeermeesters is the creative styling partner of TheBubbleClub and is specialized in custom made event styling.
Exclusively for TheBubbleClub the styling team of Van der Maarel has developed some unique styling concepts to fit the atmosphere of the cities of New York and Mumbai.


VIP Models

VIP Models is key-partner of TheBubbleClub for exclusive staff and hosting services. We're specialized in combining marketing, expertly skilled people and productive assessment. Making the right translation for the customer from a personal approach. Through being involved at the concept phase, we are capable of emphasizing the assignment to an even higher level to overrule even the predetermined target, and so deliver the right staff. To be key-supplier of TheBubbleClub is a proven result.


VIP Operations

TheBubbleClub & VIP Operations is where quality meets quality!
High end professionals deliver on demand. We work only with the best employees around, known for their expertise in high-class service.  TheBubbleClub gives you an all-inclusive experience, VIP service with a smile!


Vision Acoustics

We share a vision with a different approach. We design and build inspired by contemporary markets, ensuring to not rehash what is already present.

The systems should sound like the source and they must be part of the total experience. This means that they have to bring something additional.

When approached by TheBubbleClub we had an instant click. We want our systems to become a part of the stage and to be visually attractive.

What better setting could we wish for than TheBubbleClub?

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